Why New Zealand Citizens Should Consider Australian Citizenship

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Why New Zealand Citizens Should Consider Australian Citizenship

May 19, 2024 kiwinlda Comments Off

For New Zealanders living in Australia as permanent residents, deciding whether to become an Australian citizen can be hard.

Even though the two countries share strong cultural ties, there are some good reasons to think about becoming officially Australian.

In 2023, the Australian government made it easier for New Zealanders to become Australian citizens. These changes unlocked a range of valuable benefits that were previously unavailable or had limitations.

Let’s look at the advantages that come with becoming an Australian citizen.

Enhanced Government Support

Australian citizenship opens the door to a wider range of government support programs.

This includes access to Centrelink payment services, which provide financial assistance for various needs, such as unemployment benefits, parenting payments, and support for pensioners.

Citizens can also participate in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), a vital program that offers support and funding for those living with a disability.

Investing in Your Future

Education is a cornerstone of Australian society, and citizenship unlocks greater access to educational opportunities.

HECS-HELP, a government program, allows eligible citizens to defer their tuition fees for higher education and repay them later through the tax system.

This makes pursuing higher education more attainable and empowers citizens to invest in their future careers.

The Right to Vote

Australian citizenship empowers you to participate directly in shaping the country. With the right to vote, you can have your say on who represents you in government and the policies that impact your life.

Travel with Ease by an Australian Passport

An Australian passport is a valuable asset for any traveller. Renowned for its global standing, the Australian passport grants visa-free access to an impressive 181 countries.

This opens doors for travel, further education, and international career opportunities.

Protection and Representation

Australian citizenship offers a significant advantage in terms of protection and representation, particularly when travelling abroad.

Australian citizens are entitled to round-the-clock consular assistance from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade while journeying overseas.

This invaluable service ensures that citizens receive support and guidance during emergencies or unexpected situations abroad.

In contrast, residents who are not Australian citizens, even if they hold permanent residency, face the risk of deportation under specific circumstances.

They may be subject to deportation if sentenced to imprisonment for more than 12 months, deemed a threat to national security, or fail to meet the criteria of the good character test.

Serving Your Community

Australian citizenship allows you to contribute to the nation in a more significant way.

Citizens have the right to hold a range of prestigious federal government jobs, including positions in the Australian Defence Force, the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Border Force, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Importantly, the path to becoming a politician or serving on a jury is only possible with Australian citizenship.

Becoming Part of the Community

Australian citizenship goes beyond simply unlocking access to government programs and travel privileges. It signifies a commitment to Australia and its values.

Becoming a citizen allows you to fully integrate into the community, participate in civic life, and contribute to the nation’s future.

It’s a chance to officially call Australia home and feel a deeper sense of belonging.

Citizenship also extends to future generations. Children born overseas to Australian citizens can automatically become Australian citizens by descent, ensuring a sense of belonging and shared heritage.

Need Help Applying for Australian Citizenship?

The decision to become an Australian citizen is a personal one. However, the range of benefits available is undeniable.

If you’re a New Zealander living in Australia and considering a deeper commitment to your adopted home, Australian citizenship is certainly worth exploring.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help with your citizen application, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team at Potts Lawyers.

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