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For clients able to meet our Standard Australian Citizenship Package (only):


Clients are required to review and sign our Service Agreement. Professional fees and Citizenship application charges must be paid to the Potts Lawyers Trust Account before we begin work. We will ask you for identity documents and your personal details to prepare the Service Agreement and create an account for you in our computer system.


We will provide you with a Questionnaire which you will need to complete by providing answers to the information fields. You will need to answer each question accurately as we will use the data provided in your application. We will not be able to prepare the application correctly unless all required responses are completed.


Clients will be provided a list of documents that will be required to accompany the application. You will need to send us all requested documents to move forward with your application.


An Australian citizen that has known you for at least 12 months will need to complete and sign an Identity Declaration form. Only those with specified occupations can complete this form for you. They will also need to sign the back of recent photographs. We will provide the information you need to ensure that the photographs meet the requirements and advise you of the suitable occupations of the Australian citizen who can sign the form.


Once we have completed the Citizenship application, we will send you the draft application to confirm its accuracy and completeness. We require your authorisation prior to lodging with the Department of Home Affairs.


The Department of Home Affairs will notify us about your Citizenship interview. We will forward these details to you once received. At the Citizenship interview, you will confirm your documents, identity, and eligibility with a government official and take the Australian Citizenship Test (which is offered in English only).
The Department of Home Affairs will notify us again with details about your Australian Citizenship Ceremony once your application is approved. We will forward this notification to you once received. After you have made your Pledge of Allegiance at the ceremony, you will officially be an Australian citizen and will become eligible for government benefits and be able to apply for an Australian passport.