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Becoming An Australian Citizen from NZ

If you are a resident of New Zealand (NZ), the following provides an overview of the steps to attain Australian citizenship. 

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Read This Section First

If you simply want to enter Australia, New Zealand citizens do not need to apply for a visa before coming into the country.

When travelling to Australia, NZ citizens will be automatically granted a Subclass 444 Special Category Visa (SCV) upon arrival in Australia in most cases.

This type of visa allows New Zealand citizens to live, work and study in Australia for as long as they want. This is why many New Zealand citizens do not apply for a permanent visa in Australia.

Want to enjoy the many benefits of Australian Citizenship?

Australian Citizenship includes some incredible benefits, including (but not limited to):

    • Centrelink Payment Services;

    • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS);

    • HECS-Help for education;

    • Right to vote;

    • Protection from removal from Australia.

See all the benefits of Australian Citizenship here.

From 1 July 2023, the process to become an Australian citizen is the same for all New Zealand citizens who hold a Subclass 444 Special Category Visa (SCV).

Your eligibility to apply for Australian citizenship from NZ no longer depends on when you first arrived in the country.

Below is an overview of how to become an Australian citizen from NZ.

Applying for Australian citizenship

If you are a New Zealand citizen, you can apply for Australian citizenship if you hold either:

    • a permanent visa, or

    • a Subclass 444 Special Category Visa (SCV).

Before you apply, you should make sure that you are eligible to become an Australian citizen.

As mentioned earlier, the process to become an Australian citizen is the same for all New Zealand citizens holding a Subclass 444 Special Category Visa (SCV). There is NO dependence on when you first arrived in Australia.

    • New Zealand citizens holding a non-protected Special Category Visa who have resided in Australia for at least the previous 4 years are eligible for Australian citizenship.

      This includes at least 12 months as a permanent resident, immediately before the date of citizenship application.

    • You do not need to first apply for and be granted a permanent visa to meet the 12 months as a permanent resident requirement.

      Time on your Subclass 444 Special Category Visa (SCV) will be counted as permanent residence for citizenship purposes.

Note: If you are a New Zealand citizen who was born in Australia, you may already be an Australian citizen by law. See Evidence of citizenship and certificates.

Citizen Application Process

The process of becoming an Australian citizen can be tricky if you try to tackle it yourself.

To avoid excess expenses and time delays, it is best to get your application and documentation right the first time.

Our experienced team of Migration Lawyers have helped hundreds of New Zealanders attain their Australian citizenship. This is the simple process we follow:

Step 1: Service Agreement and Fees

You will be required to review and sign our Service Agreement. Professional fees and Citizenship application charges must be paid to the Potts Lawyers Trust Account before we begin work.

The fixed fees are:

    • Adult Citizenship Application: $770 + $540 (Government Application Fee) = $1310.

    • Child Citizenship Application: $330.

We will ask you for identity documents and your personal details to prepare the Service Agreement and create an account for you in our computer system.

Step 2: Provide Your Information

We will provide you with a secure questionnaire which you will need to complete by providing answers to the information fields.

You will need to answer each question accurately as we will use the data provided in your citizenship application.

Step 3: Provide Your Documents

You will be provided with a simple checklist of documents that will be required to complete your citizenship application.

You’ll need to provide all requested documents for your application to progress.

Step 4: Application Review

Once we have completed your Citizenship application, we’ll send you the draft application so you can confirm its accuracy and authorise us to lodge it with the Department of Home Affairs.

Step 5: We Lodge Your Citizenship Application

Following lodgement of your application, the Department of Home Affairs will notify us about your Citizenship interview.

We will forward these details to you once received.

At the Citizenship interview, you will confirm your documents, identity, and eligibility with a government official and take the Australian Citizenship Test (which is offered in English only).

Step 6: Attend Your Australian Citizenship Ceremony

The Department of Home Affairs will notify us again with details about your Australian Citizenship Ceremony once your application is approved.

We will forward this notification to you once received.

After you have made your Pledge of Allegiance at the ceremony, you will officially be an Australian citizen and will become eligible for government benefits and be able to apply for an Australian passport.

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